Hand-Held Scanner (Non-Wifi)

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Very compact,Handy & Portable Scanner
Built-in "Readltime"scanning detector to avoid any distortion
With built-in "Over-" Alert to control the scanning
Powered by 2 pcs AA Batteries which last for around 200 scanning pages
Very Easy & Perfect for Daily Use
Good to Scan any Books and papers with size up to A4
With COLOR/MONO selection
with Scanning resolution update to 600 dpi
Direct save in JPEG file format
Bundle with OCR software
You download your images to your computer using the included USB cable
Its built-in display shows the selected resolution, remaining battery life, and memory status
The portable handheld scanner support microSD cards as large as 32GB
This is a truly portable handheld scanner, ideal for use when visiting clients, customers etc when a power supply is unavailable or inconvenient
Rather than sheet feeding pages, which is fine for unattached sheets, the portable USB scanner is moved over the area and its sensitive colour image sensor scans at high (600dpi) or standard (300dpi) resolution, and then saves the captured images as JPEG files on the microSD card
Our portable handheld scanner, unlike most other portable handheld scanner, is cordless and captures important documents, letters, photos etc directly to a supplied microSD card

Product Description

Portable document scanner with Dual Power (Build-in Li-ion & 2xAA)

Makes it extremely convenient for people to scan documents.
Comes with ORC software to change JPEG to Word File

Sensor: A4 color contact image sensor
Standard resolution: 300 x 300DPI (default)
High resolution: 600 x 600DPI
External memory card: supports micro SD card up to 32GB
File format: JPEG
LCD: scanning status display
Auto power off: 3 minutes

Maximum scanning speed:
Color high resolution: 13 seconds
Color low resolution: 3.0 seconds
Mono high resolution: 6.0 seconds
Mono low resolution: 2.0 seconds

Scanning width and length:
Scanning width: 8.27 inches
Scanning length: 300DPI: 50-inch (maximum), 600DPI: 25-inch (maximum)

Capacity (based on 1GB Micro SD, Scan A4 size file, the quantity of picture is various and depend on the content complexity):
Color high resolution: 323 photos (minimum);
Color low resolution: 1,190 photos (minimum);
Mono high resolution: 3,72 photos (minimum);
Mono low resolution: 1,320 photos (minimum)

USB port: USB 2.0 high Speed
Support system: driver free to download for Windows XP SP2/Vista and Mac 10.4 or above
Power source: Build-in Li-ion & 2xAA, which can be switched by 1 button.

Note: the details above are for reference, changes may happen without notice at once.

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