Alarm/Security Padlock

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This Alarm Padlock could be used on:
Door, car steering wheel, bike, window, toolbox,truck, trailer, boat,shed, side gate, container,public storage unit,cart,garden machinery, locker, lockroom , etc


105-110 db alarm sound
Auto-alarming system & locking system
Can be used alarmed or unalarmed states
Automatic alarm reset
Shakeshockmove or vibrate sensor
Resistant corrosion , Resistant bad weather, Resistant physical destory, Waterproof .
Material:Zinc alloy body
Hot processed hardened steel shackleanti cut & saw, Shackle diameter : 10 mm
6 pcs button batteries (digital watch style), battery life:10-12months
Specification(cm): 9.2(height) X 8.8(width) X 3.3(depth)
3pcs brass security keys
3pcs AG13(4.5v) button batteries.

1. The lock and the alarm are united into a whole , the lock pole adopts turning type operation.
2. This alarm small padlock is widely used for home ,door,window, case,box, combined with cable or chain,it can also be used for computer ,vehicle and etc.
3. First use the key to open the lock and pull out the lock pole,then turn over 180 degree to insert into the lock hole, When you hear the sound DU , that means the lock is coming into alarm situation, after 15 seconds, when the lock is vibrated again, it will give an alarm and keep alarm with serial movement or vibration. Each alarm will last 10 seconds.
4. When you hear the sound Ge. Ge. Ge.constant voice,that means the battery will be worn out,you need to replace the battery. First, please pull out the lock pole, spin out the two screws inside the lock body, then take away the cover and replace the battery, please pay attention to the anode and cathode.
5.Warning:in order to repleace battery easily later on, please keep the card in the pack or print-out the operating/direction picture.