GSM Signal Booster (With External Antenna)

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This is an ideal product for locations/areas with low GSM signal or fluctuating signals.


Product Details

GSM Signal Booster (With External Antenna)



GSM 900MHz
coverage up to 500m2


Technical specification



Frequency range




935-960 MHz

Gain  (dB)


Gp ? 55dB


Gp ? 60dB

Export power (Po)

? 17 dbm

Pass band ripple

? 3dB

I/O impedance

50?/N connector  ( SMA )

Noise figure


Group Delay

? 0.5?s

Power supply

AC110V~ 220V / DC12V  45~55Hz


220 x 140 x 40 mm


To the GB6993-86 standard



To the ETS300 694-4 standard

Temperature range

- 10  to  + 60 degrees Celsius

Humidity relative

5%  to  95%


 500 m2

Package include:
1x GSM960 booster
1x Outdoor antenna
1x Indoor antenna
1x Power
1x 6m cable

Picture of Structure
As figure 1, It adopts single indoor antenna to meet the demands of the whole indoor coverage system, which is suitable for the narrow and simply-distributed indoor space.


Notice for Installation

1. In case any interference, the indoor antenna should be installed away from the outdoor antenna, at least 5 meters

2. The indoor antenna should be installed at the corner of the 2 meters height or inversed and fastened to the ceiling. Identify the proper position for Indoor antenna. It should make the Indoor antenna looks practical and beautiful, as well as make it easy to balance the coverage of the signal.

3. In case the downsizing of the indoor signals coverage caused by the oxidation because of damp, all the joint should be sealed waterproof of tape.

4.. In order to reduce the wastage and enlarge the coverage, when in installation, the cable should be as short as possible.

5. Detect the safe direction and position with the strongest signal on the top of the building or surrounding by using the mobile phone; It would be better to make it near to amplifier in order to be easily maintained; Keep the outdoor antenna away from the high frequency aerial, metal net, high voltage cable or transformer; Be aware of avoiding suffering from thunder and lightning strike.

6. Adjust the outdoor antenna, as usual, it should be fixed straightly and face the direction of the base, as illustrated in the figure1 above.

7. Tie a circle in the cable, as illustrated in the figure 5, to avoid that the water filter into the booster through the cable resulting in short circuit.


Installation Step

 After identifying the position of outdoor antenna, indoor antenna and booster, Insert the joint of outdoor antenna into the port in the booster itself.