Gas Regulator with Gauge Meter

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THE ERA OF YOUR COOKING GAS GETTING FINISHED IN THE MIDDLE OF YOUR COOKING, TAKING YOU UNAWARE IS OVER WITH THIS INNOVATIVE DEVICE, NOW YOU CAN GAUGE AND PROPERLY MANAGE YOUR COOKING GAS USAGE Product Features Gas Regulator with a meter On/Off control switch Prevents shortage/overfilling on purchase Helps conserve gas usage 1. It helps to ensure that your gas cylinder is properly filled at the re-fill station whereby you know by inspecting the full limit gauge when gas is filled by supplier. 2. The gas regulator helps to detect cylinder leakages and automatically stops the flow of gas to the cooker to prevent wastage and fire outbreak in homes. 3. Finally and most importantly, it helps to monitor the level of the cooking gas with the attached gauge so your gas does not get exhausted at odd hours or in the middle of cooking dinner/lunch/breakfast