Towing Rope

Tax excluded

Comes handy when you find yourself needing a tow home (or to a garage), Or when you need to tow a friend.
Light but very strong
Length: is 6m,
Width: 5cm,
Capacity: 5000kg

How to Use

Always turn the ignition on when the vehicle is being towed, so that the steering lock is released, and the indicators and brake lights will work.
Before being towed, release the handbrake and select neutral on the transmission.
If you have an automatic, special precautions apply. If in doubt, do not tow or transmission damage may result. Note that the greater-than-usual pedal pressure will be needed to apply the brakes; this is due to the vacuum servo unit only being operational when the engine is running. If you have power steering then please note that this also will require a greater effort, as the power steering is only operational once the ignition is running.
The driver of the car being towed must keep the tow-rope taut at all times to avoid snatching.
Ensure both drivers know the route before setting off.
Only ever drive at moderate speeds and keep the distance towed at a minimum. Drive smoothly and allow plenty of time for slowing down at junctions.
You may not need one everyday but a Tow Rope can be one of the most useful pieces of kit you can keep in your car.