Automatic Car Jack with wheel Spanner

Tax excluded


Effortlessly change a tyre and quickly get back on the road
Raises a car at the touch of a button
Two -tons lift capability, suitable for cars and light vans
Supplied with a carry case, hand gloves, wheel chock, battery clamp, extension cable, & screw driver.
Durable metal finish
Can use the manual hand crank to lower or raise the car if there is no power when the car is jacked.
The saddle is made of high strength material, tough and anti-slip that protects the car from damaging
Fused for overload protection Automatically limits the highest or the lowest height
Specially suitable for women, fat and tall people

How to use :
1) Plug the jack to the 12 volt socket provided in the car
2) Place the jack under the car, where the car jack is to be mounted (please check the car manual for the exact place for placing the car jack)
3) Switch on the car
4) Start the UP button for increasing the height
5) After the sufficient height is achieved, remove the tyre
6) Replace the tyre with the new one
7) Use the LOWER ARROW button to reduce the car height
8) Let the jack get unscrewed, till it stops rotating and stops automatically
9) Unplug jack from 12 volts car plug from the car

Precautions on use:
1. Start the engine before operating the impact wrench
2. Do not use the impact wrench continuously for more than 10 minutes
3. Ensure that the correct socket is attached to the wrench head when loosening the wheel nuts
4. Do not over tighten the wheel nuts
5. Always keep the children away from the working area