Fuel (Liquid) Syphon Pump - Battery Operated

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This device is used for transferring liquid from one place to the other.

For example, it could be used to transfer fuel from Gallon into your car

or generating set and vice versa.

Product Description

Battery operated pump battery siphon pump
Use for oil, water, wine, etc.
Battery operated pump battery siphon pump

Suction type : Battery Operated submerged Motor pump / High Power

* Mute operating.
* Kerosene oil, gasoline, water, wine, etc....
* With Air Vent System
* Easy to use automatic liquid supply
* Delivery volume : About 7-8 liter / Min.
* Main Material : P.P, P.E, Acetal
* Power : DC 3V ("D" size battery X 2) Battery Not Included